Welcome to the traditional territory of the Algonquin People — an important trade, harvest, recreation & travel route for thousands of years.

We hold a deep belief in the importance of sustainable tourism and cultural preservation on ancestral lands.

Our sacred spaces.

For us, the land is more than just a physical entity — it’s a sacred space that embodies our history, culture, and identity.Our approach to tourism must therefore be infused with a deep sense of reverence and cultural celebration.

For us, tourism is a form of cultural transmission, keeping Algonquin ancestral wisdom alive and vibrant.Economically, sustainable tourism offers a path towards greater autonomy for Algonquins. By welcoming visitors to our lands, we create opportunities to provide livelihoods that are in harmony with our cultural values.

Through tourism, we educate.

We have a responsibility to endow visitors with a deeper understanding of the Algonquin People — our history, our struggles, and our deep connection to the land. This understanding fosters mutual respect, bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Our strategy in action.

A cultural preservation & community well-being transportation strategy for the downtown Bancroft portion of the Hastings Heritage Trail.

Cultural wayfinding.

Watch for our cultural awareness installations at historic Algonquin sites, coming in 2024 — promoting greater cultural understanding and respect among visitors.

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